Explore Southborough Common

Wander through the woodlands and marvel at the majestic veteran oak and beech trees which Southborough Common has to offer. Follow the woodland tracks or stick to the surfaced paths as there is access for all ages and abilities.

Discover the site of the old windmill, the horse trading ring or explore the gravel pit to experience the history and heritage of the Common. Some of the ancient trackways go back centuries and there are still some yet to be uncovered!

A new report on the historic landscape and archaeological assessment of Southborough common has been published by Dr Nicola Bannister and makes fascinating reading. This detailed report including maps and images of the Common can be viewed by clicking here 

This report commissioned for the Heritage Lottery Funded “Secrets of Southborough Common” project contains a detailed account of the historic features of the Common still visible on the ground today, the history of the surrounding area and some wonderful old pictures.